A Day at the Royal Races

Since the day we arrived in London there is one particular English lady that we have been wanting to lay eyes on, that’s right the Queen. It seems that every time she makes a public appearance in London we have been unable to attend.  We were beginning to worry that we may never get the chance to see her! Thankfully we can finally tick that of the bucket list as we recently went to the Royal Ascot Races and saw the royal lady herself…

After all the preparation from dress shopping and suit fitting to finding the perfect hat and enjoying a champagne breakfast it was time to meet our friends at Waterloo station and make our way to Ascot.  Although the sun was shinning when we left home by the time we walked into the racecourse grounds, placed our bets and found a place to sit it had started to rain, really rain.  We didn’t let this ruin our fun, we still managed to enjoy our picnic lunch in between the showers and there was plenty of wine and champagne to keep us happy as we huddled under our umbrellas.

Royal Ascot Races (12) Royal Ascot Races (27) Royal Ascot Races (74) Royal Ascot Races (75)

The first race was due to begin at 2:30pm, but before it could start the Queen would make her way along the Royal Mile.  We headed trackside nice and early to ensure a good spot in the front row.  Right on 2pm the Royal horse drawn Carriage started making its way along the Royal Mile and it wasnt long before we could see her keeping dry under her little umbrella, smiling at the crows and giving her ‘signature’ royal wave.

Royal Ascot Races (38) Royal Ascot Races (39)

The excitement continued after that when the horse racing began!   We watched all 6 races and although we didn’t take home any winnings we still throughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

Around 6pm the racing was all done and it was time to take our weary (and slightly intoxicated) heads home.  Overall a good (and wet) day out.

Royal Ascot Races (73)

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