Red Wine & Spaghetti: One night in Bologna

After over-indulging on food and drink in Spain and Portugal we decided: why not continue to do so on route back to London. Therefore, our last and very random stop before arriving home was Bologna, Italy.

We saved £200 flying home this way but we had other reasons for wanting to visit this small university town, the main one been the local cuisine. In particular, Spaghetti Bolognese or Tagliatelle al Ragù as the locals call it. This dish originates in Bologna and is a local specialty. We couldn’t wait to taste it!

Therefore our first stop was to look for a place to have lunch and enjoy this dish. We found a small cafe near Piazza Maggiore and ordered two plates of Tagliatelle al Ragù and 2 glasses of fine Italian vino! The meal was amazing! It surpassed our highest expectations and left us feeling very satisfied. As full as we were, when the opportunity came up for desert we couldn’t resist and finished our mouth watering dining experience with some Italian gelato. Best lunch ever!

Tagliatelle al Ragù


Now with very full bellies we set of to explore. There aren’t too many sites to see in this small city but there are some very worthwhile ones of including one of the largest cathedrals in Italy, along with Basilica di San Petronio, the Torre Garisenda, Porta Galliera, the fountain of Neptune and Galvani’s monument. It was such a beautiful place to explore on foot and it seemed every corner you turned you were faced with another large, beautiful church.

Piazza Maggiore

After our afternoon touring the city it was nearly time for dinner. Before finding somewhere to eat we decided to stop by a cafe for a pre-dinner drink. We found a small bookstore which had a nice little bar attached, and asked for a bottle of wine. What we received was a 1.5 litre bottle of wine for €8 and we were also offered a plate for a further €3 to enjoy all-you-can-eat freshly made pizza. We sat outside, watched the sun set and enjoyed our pizza and wine. We had planned to have more pasta for dinner but ended up eating much more pizza than we anticipated so decided dinner wasn’t really necessary. However 1.5 litres of wine later we decided there was always room for more and walked around the corner to a small outdoor restaurant where we ordered a plate of ravioli and a plate of tortellini to share. This was followed by some mango sorbet for desert.

Even though the time that we spent in Bologna was limited, we definitely made the most of it and it for Matt who has never been to Italy before it was certainly a great introduction to what this amazing country has to offer We are both looking forward to our full Italian tour next summer but for now it’s time to start our post holiday diet!

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